Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Brief Review Of "Banana Punk Rawk Trails : A Euro-Fool's Metal Punk Journeys In Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia"

Finally, the moment that I've been waiting for. The latest offering by Italian punk-rocker Marco Ferrarese​, a book written by the man himself entitled "Banana Punk Rawk Trails : A Euro-Fool's Metal Punk Journeys In Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia" has just arrived. Safely landed, of course. 

The front cover of this epic book. Notice Marco's eyes popping out of his socket.

Just with a glimpse, you will definitely know that is no ordinary book. If you think his pulp novel "Nazi Goreng" was a mind-blowing reading experience, wait till you get your hands on this. Almost like an in-depth coverage of reviews on metal/punk subcultures in Malaysia and Indonesia as well. Attached with intriguing 250 collection of pictures plus with a compilation CD. Believe it or not, Bintulu's very own metal bands, Erectus and Tahi Suci are also included in the compilation. Another history has been made.

Compilation CD attached with the book. Notice it?

In a nutshell, this book documented the awesome journey of Marco himself and his involvement into the local punk rock scene in Malaysia, particularly Penang. Marco is also a lead guitarist for the notorious punk rock band called Weotskam. The book also consist of some cool and interesting facts regarding of the early days of underground metal/punk scene in Malaysia. Names like Sil Khannaz, As Sahar, The Pilgrims, The A.C.A.B and Black Fire are also mentioned in this book, just to name a few. But the main focus are the bands that never have been heard by either the mainstream media or the underground audiences. These are the artists that Marco trying to emphasize more. 

 From left: Rody and Sallem of Erectus posing with their spikey guitar

 The now-defunct legendary 36 Studio

Eternal Zine no. 1 & 2 also has been mentioned in this book.

In this book too, Marco also mentioned about his band Weotskam touring certain venues in Indonesia. All the guts, sweat and swearing are also included here. I may have not finish scrolling up this epic book, but not to worry, I will definitely and eventually will complete my reading.

 Beneath: Weotskam (the infamous punk rock band from Penang). Below: Tahi Suci (grindcore band from Bintulu). 2 bands from different worlds.

Last track from the compilation CD, The Ancient Throne Of Metal by Erectus. Bintulu's pride and joy.

Thanks Marco for the good and honest things you wrote inside this awesome book. I will definitely try my best to finish reading it. Please continue to write more cool books, bro.

Pendekar Mustar.

For those who interested to purchase this rocking book, please refer to this website:

P/S: Mesti korang menyampah kan baca entri blog aku yang tulis bahasa omputeh ni kan? Haha...


  1. kemas buku ni..

    masuk dalam wish list..

  2. Tahi suci pun ada eh.terbaik laa..nanti aku cari

  3. Nice sharing, i like it.

    Seriously orang yang menyamph ialah mereka yang nak matikan kaum melayu lain sentiasa bawah telunjuk mereka. Its a tactics yang some people ensure their children get good education at expenaive schools, yet pastikan melayu lain forever stupid, so they can control.


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