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REGIMENT OF KID-DO-WRONG : Brief History & Certain Details About The Band

The Line-Up (From Left): Borhan, Rolland, Gazelina, Adi (Top) & Mark


A band who, enjoy performing live and in studio, learn and improve music knowledge and stage performance, learn to be creative and....the rest is history~ haha
In the middle of Sarawak state (Borneo Island - Malaysia), about 12 hours from main capital city kuching, in between Sibu and Miri, lies Bintulu, Sarawak hardcore industry state. As not so irony as it seems (hahahaha) it is also the home of to a open-'just want to enjoy'-simple yet keep on rockin' the stage of 'Regiment Of Kid-Do-Wrong'. During their early days the four first members before ROKDW was Chimaira (locally registered on 2000 @ Delima Jamming Studio) consist of Adi Herman, Mohd. Borhan, Qaisar Zarif and Desmond. Later after just hitting the studio with friends and guests the band
go on haitus for couple of years.

In 2005, ROKDW was born with its original line-up (Adi, Desmond & Borhan) first time hitting gig in Bintulu, a charity gig organized by (forgot who's the organizer) and emergency-ly invited Arip/Aret as their guest vocalist. Back then, ROKDW was influenced by 311, Incubus, Deftones, Korn, SOAD, Foo Figthers and more. During this charity gig ROKDW just enjoying the moment and get to know other local musicians. At that time ROKDW met Rolland (even he forgot his band's name...haha). During the meeting they just chit chat, giving some info, changing ideas bla bla bla...At that time Rolland was not in the band. We can't identified when Rolland got into the band hahaha!

Somewhere in 2005, ROKDW guitarist/bassist, Adi flew to Kuala Lumpur doing his project with his collegues (Tresno), they work on their first demo in Laguna Record (Jeremy, Prana), Ampang Kuala Lumpur, both Borhan and Desmond was there giving their support.

The second gig was somewhere in 2006, organized by ZoSo in Balai Raya Sg.Pelan, however ROKDW refused to joined the gig coz the gig was organized next to a mosque - takut tulah. Rest of the 2006, ROKDW members went back to Kuala Lumpur completing their studies. ROKDW was on haitus for the second time but still jam during their semester break.

Later ROKDW joined ZoSo second gig which was held at Dewan Suarah, Bintulu which Jasper was introduce in the band in 2007, during that gig, ROKDW hit the stage by peforming The kill from 30SFM, Anna Molly from Incubus and Fake Tales of San Francisco by Arctic Monkeys

ROKDW met Fidzri in Kuala Lumpur during study in 2007, he was in between university back then and most of the time he crash in at our house in Kuala Lumpur.Borhan and Desmond saw he can play guitar and then they iinvite him to jam with our free band (Salleh, Anaz, Ali etc.) couples of time in KL.Back in Bintulu we hit to the studio again and introduce to the rest of the band.

In 2010, ROKDW hit the stage with new line-up, introducing Yuzreen, a friend of ROKDW members in KL, A collegue of Rolland in Bintulu. ROKDW used to jam at Yuzreen's house.ROKDW jam couples of time and later, Yuzreen was invited by ROKDW due to Desmond was on hiatus to continue performing. ROKDW invited Yuzreen to joined the first battle of the band with ROKDW organized by Everly Hotel Management. We never expected to won the battle due to the new line up and ROKDW members commitment to work life.So during the battle ROKDW just having fun, a nervous fun. Later Yuzreen was transfered to Kota Kinabalu.

Early 2011, ROKDW was invited to perform acoustically at one of ROKDW closest friends, Fidzri's brother, at his wedding. It was the first time ROKDW perform acoustic. They were out of song, proper song~. So ROKDW seek for a female singer and meet Gazelina Veronica a.k.a Gaze, Rolland's sister.ROKDW approached Gaze through his brother and she say, Yes!.

Mark, Rolland and Fidzri know him since high school and they said he play drums. Mark usually hang out with us during practise. Without wasting time ROKDW 'hired' him as our second drum to replace Borhan. He also known as ROKDW drum tech, photographer & editor, designer etc.

So, we got all of 'em.
Genre: Never Thought Of It...
Active Since: 2005
Line-up (Active) : (Main/sub)
Gazelina Veronica - vocals
Rolland Hoffman - guitars & bass
Mohd. Borhan - drums & bass
Adi Herman - bass & guitar
Mark Michael - 2nd drummer & editor

Previous ROKDW members/Hiatus :
Fidzri Fellani - vocals & guitars
Desmond a.k.a Mohd. Habibullah Gabriel Timothy
Yuzreen Azizan Yusoff
Jasper Chen Ann Chow
Qaisar Zarif

Other Guests who have hitting the studio/gig with ROKDW :
Adi Fellani
Mohd. Salehudin a.k.a Mosaza
Nazirul Shafiy
Mark Kozij
Ali Ahmad
Janting Yabang
Acim Panzee (Closing Season Gig 2011 & Opening Season Gig 2012)
Jeffery Jemy

Hometown: Tanjung Kidurong, Bintulu, Sarawak

Label: Thirty6 Studio Records
Events Participated:

Charity Gig 2005
Zoso Gig 2006
Zoso Gig 2007
Titan Empire "October Fest" 2010
Battle of the Band, Parkcity Everly Hotel 2010
Adi Fellani & Arfiza Sayidatul Wedding Day, Dewan Suarah Bintulu 2011
Program Charity Rakan Muda 2011
Closing Season Gig 2011
FESMAK, Universiti Putra Malaysia Kampus Bintulu 2011
Baram Idol (Individual)

Achievement :
FESMAK 2011 Best Group Vocal, Sampai Syurga (Faizal Tahir Cover), Price Tag (Jessie J. Cover), Ikhlas Tapi Jauh (Zainal Abidin Cover)

FESMAK 2011 Best Music,Sampai Syurga (Faizal Tahir Cover), Price Tag (Jessie J. Cover), Ikhlas Tapi Jauh (Zainal Abidin Cover) - All songs are copyright by its own owner, All music rearrangement are done by ROKDW members

Baram Idol, 2011, Top 7 finalist, Individual achievement by Gazelina Veronica.
 Regiment Of Kid-Do-Wrong (Rokdw) Performing "Who Knew" by P!nk. Rehearsing for shows at Wave Fun Pub, Bintulu in 2011
 Regiment Of Kid-Do-Wrong (Rokdw)Performing "Kekanda Adinda" during a wedding in 2010

 Regiment Of Kid-Do-Wrong (Rokdw) performing "Dont Let Me Get Me" by P!nk and "On Fire" by Switchfoots during Program Charity Rakan Muda held at Parkcity Mall Bintulu in 2011

 Regiment Of Kid-Do-Wrong (Rokdw) live shows at Wave Fun Pub, Parkcity Everly Hotel Bintulu in 2011, performing "Akan Ku Tunggu" Originally by Candy

Regiment Of Kid-Do-Wrong (Rokdw) performing "Someone Like You" by Kings Of Leon and "Karma" by Cokelat during Opening Season Gig 2012 live at Telaga Kumang Pub, Bintulu


  1. Eh theyre not bad. not bad at all. :-) Happy holiday Adi Herman!

    1. haha thanx sis...this is my other band after Tresno. Happy holiday to u too.


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