Monday, April 9, 2018

A Combination of East & West Ska (The Specials & Gerhana Skacinta)

Blasting up my car's speakers with these skanking tunes of The Specials (Singles Collection 1991 Press) and Gerhana Skacinta (The New Authentic 2004 under Clockwork Records). It's so dancable and so much better than that dumb-ass Panama Dance. Ska, Reggae, and Rocksteady have always been one of my favourite genre since God knows when.

 The Specials - Singles

Gangsters - The Specials (1979 Original Promo)

Gerhana Skacinta - The New Authentic

Senyuman Ragamu - Gerhana Skacinta feat. Radhi OAG (Live at Rock The World)

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